B2B wholesale platform
for e-commerce

In droplo, you'll find readymade dropshipping products

for sale from suppliers all over the EU

Established connections with producers, suppliers, and wholesalers

Browse and select products from the best European suppliers. Take advantage of our ready-made connections and establish commercial cooperation.

Add your own suppliers with the FeedManager application - soon

FeedManager allows you to submit and update products from any vendor who makes an online offer in an XML file.

Automatic online data synchronisation

Automatic data updates as soon as you change your provider. Always have up-to-date prices, product data and inventory.

Transfer orders to your suppliers

Advanced automatic rules will allow you to send orders to your suppliers. This option will be available soon.

How does Dropshipping work in Droplo?

Choose and sell products. Your supplier will send them directly to your customers.

Find products

Find products, choose a supplier or add your own.

Add mark-up

Add a mark-up to prices and export products to your stores.


Orders will be sent to customers by your supplier.

Earn money

The added mark-up on the wholesale price is your profit.
Automatic rules
Set conditions and add
mark-ups to prices, stock levels, or automatically export products.
Synchronise data
Synchronise product data, e.g., prices, stock levels, photos, descriptions, etc. Decide what data you synchronise.
Own integrations
Integrate with any supplier with the FeedManager app (soon). Define advanced settings.
Select products marked as "Dropshipping". Sell, and your supplier will take care of shipping the products.

Ready to go integrations

Automatic export of products, updating prices, stock levels, and other data to store platforms.
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