Selling abroad easier than ever.

Reach European markets with

B2B partners ready to sell
your products now.

Expand your business abroad with help of High-Quality B2B retailers
from all over Europe. Just share your products feed in Droplo. That’s it.

Available integrations:

Expand your business

with 20 000+ B2B Retailers

Manage Partnerships

with simple automation

Integrate by XML file

share all products easily

Sell through Retailers

sell in hundreds online stores

Join for Free

zero payments and fees.

Show your products to those who need them now.

Get noticed by new partners

Instant reach to 20 000 business owners.

Reach out to big and small brands, online entrepreneurs, and more
who are actively looking for products like yours on Droplo.

Over 20 000 business owners use Droplo on daily basis in search of
new products to integrate and sell them in their own web stores.

Get started – it’s free

Skyrocket your partnership's growth

New collaborations started in Minutes.

With Droplo, potential partners can easily discover your products and request access to your inventory to start selling. 

Save hours by automate approval process or do it manually.
Expand your business network with complete control
over who you work with and on what terms.

Reach new Partners – it’s free

Revenue growth for Droplo

Scale up through your partners channels

Watch your sales grow rapidly.

Turn your sales from local to global with power of partners network.
See your products being sold in hundreds of web stores all around
Europe and beyond.

Reach new markets and grow your sales abroad easier than ever.

Start now – it’s free

Accelerate your business in 3 steps

Upload products

Share your products on Droplo Marketplace. Import in minutes not hours through XML file.

Set up collaboration rules

After you got approved by Droplo, retailers will have the green light to sell your products.

Fulfill orders and earn

You will receive order details and payment directly, so you can fulfill orders effortlessly.

Establish beneficial partnerships now.
Join Droplo for free.

Reach out to 20 000 Retailers in One Place

Grow your retailer network easier and sell all over Europe.

Take full control over your partnerships.

You decide who you want to work with and on what terms.

Sell wide in hundreds online stores.

Leverage retailer network and sell more with ease.

> 100% free for Suppliers

No setup fee, no commission fee, no hidden
fees at all. Share your products with
retailers all over EU for free.

> Easy way to sell abroad

No setup fee, no commission fee, no hidden
fees at all. Share your products with
retailers all over EU for free.

> 20 000+ Retailers

Trusted by 20 000 big and small brands all
over Europe. Get new collaborations
in minutes not weeks.

> More profit, less effort

Leverage power of retailer network and sell
through hundreds web stores of your new
partners just by sharing products.

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