About us

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Welcome to the Droplo website! Since you came here, most likely, you are involved in trading and selling on the Internet or considering transferring some of your activities to the virtual world.

Whether you run an online store, wholesaler or are a manufacturer, you will find solutions that will help you develop and improve your business. Or maybe you are just planning to start your adventure in e-commerce?

We assume that whoever stands still, actually moves backwards, because at this time his competition is moving forward. Together, we will make your company set the standards in e-commerce.

On the one hand, it shows how much the e-commerce market has grown in recent years. On the other, it shows how much competition in this industry is.

It was created in response to the needs of thousands of Polish entrepreneurs to help them expand their product range and find new markets. Our assumption is to support, above all, the Dropshipping model. Droplo opens new doors to development without the need to involve considerable human or financial resources.