Plans and pricing

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Plans and pricing overview 


Let’s start by going to where in the Pricing tab you will find all basic information.

There are 5 plans in total, and 4 of them are paid plans.

The first of them is called STARTER. It only allows you to browse through the main product catalog. This subscription plan is free and with no time limit.

To access the rest of the platform, choose one of the paid plans: LITE, BUSINESS, PRO or ENTERPRISE.
The Enterprise plan, however, is only available from the user panel (details below).

• In each paid plan you will have access to whole Droplo suppliers base, including our exclusive supplier called Ofertoland.
• Suppliers offers are updated in real time, so you will always know what the current price and stock level for each of the products is.
• Every paid plan allows a limited number of products to be exported. Specify what number of products you want to publish in your store.
• If you need any additional help with your Droplo account, with each paid plan, you will gain a professional support from our IT and customer service specialists.

Remember that we don’t charge any additional transaction fees. In Droplo you’re paying only for the selected plan.

If you already created your Droplo account, after logging into Droplo platform, go to the settings page (1).

On this page, go to the “subscriptions and payments” tab (2).

Here you will be informed about your current subscription plan.

In the beginning you receive a 7-day free trial period on the Business plan, so you can try the full version of Droplo for free.
Trial period will start automatically after the account registration.

You can connect your payment card to Droplo at any time during the trial period to activate a paid subscription.

Just use the “Pay subscription” button in the “Subscriptions and payments” tab.

On the card connection page, fill out the payment details and click on “Subscribe” button.
The first monthly payment will be then charged on the same day, and the TRIAL period will be officially over.

The end date of the trial period is displayed below the monthly subscription cost (1).

If you have activated a paid plan, this date marks the beginning and end of your individual billing cycle.

Another useful thing in this tab is a product limit counter (2). You can check how many products were already exported, and how many more you can save within the current subscription plan.

If you want to change the subscription, just use the corresponding button (3). On the next page, you will be asked to choose if you want to decrease or increase the current plan option.

If you want to cancel the subscription, just change the subscription plan to Starter. Then, at the end of the billing period, your account will be automatically downgraded, and the next payment will no longer be charged.

Please keep in mind, that when you change your plan from higher to lower, and the number of published products is higher than the new export limit, the recently added products will be removed from your list, and from your online store.

It’s also important that any changes of plans are processed only after the current billing cycle ends.


This means that if you want to change or cancel your plan, it will be changed or cancelled after the last day of your monthly billing cycle.


We also don’t make refunds while the billing cycle is still in ongoing.


If you still have some questions about the subscription plans or payment policies, feel free to contact us at or through chat window.