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Automatic product export – The option is available when adding a supplier or in the store settings – use it if you want all the supplier’s products in the Droplo or all products of the conditions groups you created to go to your sales channel automatically.

GTIN / EAN code – Unique code for each product, recognizable worldwide. GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is expressed as numbers, while EAN (European Article Number) is the corresponding bar code.

Global overhead – The overhead applied to all products in total or from a given vendor, excluding groups of overhead conditions.

Sales channel – Software your store is based on, e.g. RedCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shoper, etc.

Price mark-up – The profit on sales ratio to the product’s wholesale price.

Inventory overhead – Modification of product inventory levels determined by you. You can set it as a negative value (e.g., 100, when you want to keep this number of products in stock) or positive (e.g. +100, when you know that your supplier will provide you with more goods if necessary).

Token/URL – The identification code of each store on each sales platform, often also called an API or WEB API key. You can learn more about where to find it on your platform here.