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What is Droplo?

Droplo is a global B2B marketplace for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Suppliers from all over Europe offer their products, and e-commerce stores buy goods from local brands.

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Selling online has never been so simple!
Zaufani dostawcy i producenci

What do you gain by running your business with Droplo?

• A whole range of products available off-the-shelf,

Guarantee of the high quality of our assortment,

• Clear terms of cooperation between suppliers and vendors,

Support from e-commerce specialists, no matter what stage of business you are in.

Zadowoleni klienci
Europejskie produkty dla sklepów internetowych

With the click of a button, you will discover suppliers working in variety of logistics models.

With us you can conduct dropshipping without a company and without restrictions.

Discover European quality and reach products that your customers will love!

Get a free customer base and sell without limit.

We know you value individuality, which is why at Droplo, you decide the terms of your partnership – from shipping to pricing to return policy.

Marketplace B2B dla hurtowni dropshipping

How do I find the perfect products? I want to open my own online store.

Produkty dostępne na market place Droplo

Tired of working at a full-time job for a pittance? Thinking about opening your own online store, but not sure what to sell?
No matter what logistics model you choose; dropshipping, fullfillment or warehouse – there is something for everyone at Droplo.
On our innovative B2B marketplace, you’ll find local quality products available off-the-shelf.

Turn your business idea into reality with Droplo

How to select asortment for your online store in 3 steps?

Lista produktów

Select the products you are interested in

Wybierz interesujący Cię produkt

Activate a supplier with one click

Dodaj do koszyka zakupowego

Specify the quantity and add the item to the online shopping cart

How will I increase sales in my wholesale business with Droplo's B2B marketplace?

Usluga Droplo jest mozliwa nawet prowadzac dzialalnosc nierejestrowana

Very simple! Let us take you through the process in a quick way.

  1. Join us as a supplier.
  2. Provide the necessary contact information and verify it.
  3. Specify what you are selling and under what conditions.

And you’re done!

In a few minutes you have made more than 10,000 online store owners see your offers! What’s more – they want to equip themselves with your products!

What about the cost? Joining our community as a supplier is free. You bear absolutely no risk. What are you waiting for?

How can I streamline the addition of offers if I already have an online store?

How will we solve your problem?

With Droplo’s integrations, you unify the markup across all sales platforms.

You tell the system how much you want to earn on each product. The system changes the price in the ads for you, on selected sales channels.

In addition, we will update your inventory 24/7 on all purchasing platforms where you sell.

Znajdz hurtownie dropshipping bez firmy
Przykłady możliwych integracji z platformami sprzedażowymi typu Allegro
Why do you need Droplo integration?

It ensures that your future customer will not buy a product that you (or your supplier) no longer have in stock.

The customer will receive his order seamlessly, and you will avoid unexpected complications.

When can I use the integration on Droplo's marketplace?

You can use the service if you run your online store using one of the 6 platforms:

  • WooCommerce,
  • Baselinker,
  • Redcart,
  • Shoper,
  • Idosell,
  • Sky-shop.pl,
  • Prestashop,
  • Shopify,
  • Allegro.
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Connect your online store with Droplo and manage offers on sales channels without any effort
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