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A basic package with limited support, fewer products and limited platform functionality.
29 EUR
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What’s included in Droplo Lite:
100 products
Droplo Shops Online Store (1) Ikona 1 Droplo Shops Online Store
Products from all over the EU
Full Dropshipping Support
Integration with your store
Online support
Everything you need to discover new products
and start selling online.
49 EUR
Save up to 360 EUR
Try Droplo free for 7 days, no credit card required.
All Lite features plus:
1 000 products
Droplo Shops Online Store (3) Ikona 3 Droplo Shops Online Stores
Integration with marketplaces
Custom supplier import
Price and inventory live sync
Droplo Business Chat
E-commerce Courses
Perfect choice if you want to achieve success with product sales analysis and expert support.
79 EUR
Save up to 720 EUR
Try Droplo free for 7 days, no credit card required.
All Business features plus:
10 000 products
Droplo Shops Online Store (5) Ikona 5 Droplo Shops Online Stores
Droplo Trends
Droplo Fulfillment Cloud
Advanced Seller Features
Droplo AI Assistant
Crossborder Consulting
Individual Expert Support
Live Q&A Sessions
24/7 Online Support Ikona Applies to support materials and the Droplo Assistant (chatbot).
Platform support is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.
Prices do not include tax
Enjoy these features on all of the above plans
24/7 support
Droplo offers 24/7 email and English live chat support on all Droplo plans.
Product sync
We keep you in sync 24/7 between your store and our suppliers.
2M+ products
Access over 2,000,000 readily available products in our catalog.
Benefits of being Retailer in Droplo.
One place for it all
No setup fee, no commission fee, no hidden fees at all. Share your products with retailers all over EU for free.
Easy way to sell abroad
Operational and legal support for the start of cross-boarding sales and overseas logistics by fullfillment services.
2 000 000+ Products
Trusted by 20 000 big and small brands all over Europe. Get new collaborations in minutes not weeks.
More profit, less effort
Use the power of Droplo's database of verified suppliers and put their products in your online store. Start selling more!
Setup your store in 5 minutes.
1. Create an account
Get instant access to all products with 7 day free trial. No setup fee, no commission fee, no hidden fees at all.
2. Connect your store
Simply sync your store in few clicks using our built-in plug-ins for Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and more.
3. Import products
Browse and add products to your store quicker than ever. Choose from over 2,000,000 products.
Over 2 000 000+ products.
Join 20 000+ Retailers like You.
One source for all products.
Frequently asked questions:
Subscriptions & Payments
You can change your subscription at any time. Simply go to your account settings and use the "change subscription" button. In the new window you will be able to choose which plan you are interested in and increase or decrease your plan level. After making the change, a notification should appear in the upper right corner confirming that the change was saved successfully. However, remember that your plan will be changed only at the end of current billing cycle.
We do not charge any additional fees from retailers. You only pay for the subscription plan you choose and get full access to the Droplo platform, including:
- full database of suppliers and their products,
- built-in store integrations,
- many useful functionalities that allow you to automate sales processes
In Droplo, payments are processed by the Stripe payment system. When you connect your payment card to Droplo, a paid subscription plan will be activated. From that moment on, each month a payment will be automatically collected to extend the active plan.
If you want to cancel your subscription, go to your account settings, then to the “Plan and payment” tab. Then use the “Payment and invoice details” button. After logging into this panel, you can delete your payment method. You will no longer be charged for the next billing period.
Droplo is a B2B e-commerce platform that connects verified suppliers of high-margin products and retailers from across the EU. The idea behind the project is to match entrepreneurs who conduct their business in different European countries and facilitate their business deals related to the sale and purchase of goods Droplo is an online store integrator with suppliers. Retailer can connect its online store to Droplo and export products from our suppliers by a dropshipping model. We have a growing number of integrations available with key e-commerce platforms from around the world.
Product prices on Droplo are net prices. Remember that you can lower them by negotiating appropriate terms of cooperation with the supplier. When setting the price markup, also add the appropriate tax for the products.
No. Prices come directly from the suppliers with absolutely no price increase.
1. At first you register with Droplo and search for the products you are interested in (you must have your own business).
2. The next step is to connect (integrate) your store with Droplo platform.
3. Then you choose a supplier and contact him to establish terms of cooperation. It's important that each of the suppliers has another communication method.
4. Once you sign a contract with a supplier, you will be able to set a price markup on wholesale prices in Droplo, and export products to your stores. The added markup to the wholesale price is your profit!
5. When you receive your orders, forward them to your suppliers. They are the ones who will send them to buyers. The only thing left on your side is to contact with buyers.
If you have already connected your store to Droplo and signed a contract with chosen supplier, you can go to your store integration tab in Droplo. From this place you can manage export settings, select saved products and upload them to your store.
Each supplier has its own website with updated contact information. In some time, we will add to Droplo an internal communicator between vendors and suppliers.
For now, the transfer of order data is handled outside of Droplo. We are working on the order and transaction module in Droplo, it will be available soon.
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