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Frequently asked questions by our Merchants
After creating an account, start by installing and synchronizing your sales channel, contacting and integrate with the supplier, and then export products to the store/marketplace.
Yes - Droplo is a trading platform aimed at traders. If you do not run your business yet but want to test Droplo operation or conduct unregistered sales, provide the company's tax identification number from a family member or friend when registering a free account.
No. For online sales only, you need to integrate Droplo and Allegro (soon). Droplo offers synchronisation with the largest platforms for online stores and allows you to set up your own - Droplo Express account.
Yes. The free Starter package gives you full access to the product database and allows you to try all the platform's functions during the 30-day trial period.
You can do it with the help of Droplo Importer - a module adapted to import files with the respected offer in XML format to the application, in which you assign appropriate values from the file to the data on products (soon).
No, only the supplier's products are visible on the user account who integrated it.
Yes, most suppliers require a contract. To take advantage of a selected supplier's offer, first contact them, set the terms of cooperation, then obtain a link to the XML file, to which you can then activate their offer in Droplo.
The prices at Droplo are net wholesale prices. Remember that you can lower them by negotiating appropriate terms of cooperation with the wholesaler and activating a dedicated XML file.
The exported products database is removed. Your integrated suppliers and their products are still visible in Droplo, but you need to select one of the packages to continue.
Each account in each sales channel is counted as 1 integrated sales channel.
Questions from Merchants
Frequently asked technical questions by our Merchants
No - the Droplo billing cycle lasts one month, of which you pay for in advance. Cancellation is possible at any time.
No, Droplo offers standard updates of all data in all sales channels simultaneously, approximately every 15 minutes.
No, the only cost at Droplo is the cost of the package. Whether internal or external, any integrated provider counts equally against the package limit.
No, we only integrate with suppliers through XML files. In the future, we will introduce the ability of integration via CSV file format.
The XML file must contain basic information about each product: ID, name, price, currency, tax value, category, manufacturer, and quantity. Additional but essential parameters are photos, description, manufacturer code, GTIN / EAN code, weight, delivery time, variants and parameters (e.g. dimensions).
Yes, if you have the XML file with its offer.
We do not perform individual synchronization, but you can write to us about it at - we do not rule out implementing integration with your sales channel in the application.
No, the transfer of order data takes place outside of Droplo. We are working on the order and invoice module; it is our highest priority.
No, but we are working on a module that will enable invoicing and full sales support at the application level.
The parameters that can be automatically synchronized in Droplo include: prices, inventory, photos, name, description, and product categories. You can also set the conditions for automatic price mark-ups, inventory, or export of products to the store.
Droplo Express
The most frequently questions asked by our Merchants about their own Droplo Express store
Droplo Express allows you to sell a total of up to 10 products.
Yes, you can use both products from the Droplo database for sale and import your own offer via an XML file.
No, in Droplo Express settings you can choose one of the domains we have purchased for free and run your store on it. However, you also have the option of using your own if needed.
Yes, the vast majority of suppliers require a contract. To take advantage of the selected supplier's offer, contact them, set the terms of cooperation, and then obtain a link to the XML file, to activate their offer in Droplo.
The service is included in the price of both medium and big packages. There is a free 30-day trial period.
You must sign a contract with the operator seperatly. The first transaction can be carried out without any formal cooperation, and verification by the operator should take up to a day.
The content of both information pages is automatically completed according to a universal template when setting up a store. You can make your changes there at any time.
No, you don’t. At Droplo Express, you can sell Dropshipping products, so the supplier is responsible for their shipment. At Droplo Express, you can choose two delivery options - courier and parcel lockers and, depending on the arrangements with the wholesaler, change their parameters.
Yes, in Droplo Express you can create specific rules or discount coupons according to the conditions you specify.
Yes. You can connect Droplo Express with external marketing tools such as Google Analytics / Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel or Facebook Messenger.
Questions from Suppliers
The most frequently questions asked by our Suppliers
As a supplier, you gain another large sales market and, above all, a ready customer base in which e-commerce sellers from all industries are gathered. This gives you an excellent opportunity to increase your company's turnover. The only cost incurred is the time spent preparing an offer in an XML file and determining the details of cooperation with sellers.
Yes, Droplo is free for suppliers. We do not charge any commissions, subscriptions, or any fees from our suppliers. Additionally, you can count on our free help and IT support during the integration process.
Go to the Droplo home page in the "Suppliers" tab, then "Join as a supplier". Complete the application form with the basic information about your company - we will then contact you as soon as possible, and explain the next steps and answer any questions you may have.
Droplo synchronises suppliers' offer on an XML file basis, the preparation of which lies with the wholesaler, and which contains a record of the entire product range and all its parameters.
The basic information about each product that the XML file must contain is: ID, name, price, currency,% of tax, category, manufacturer and quantity. Additional but essential parameters are: photos, description, manufacturer code, GTIN / EAN code, weight, delivery time, variants and parameters (e.g. dimensions).
Ultimately, Droplo will offer such an option; the responsibility for transferring the order to the supplier is with the seller. In theory, they may therefore list your product in their store. Still, without contacting you and discussing the terms of cooperation and transferring data about orders, they will not be able actually to sell your product.
Yes, it depends on what prices you included in the XML file that you provided to the seller who wants to activate/add you as a supplier. You should first provide an XML file with an assortment without a precise margin, this allows you and your products to be visible in the application to join Droplo. Then, if the seller wants to activate/add you, it is possible to set their verification according to the XML file he must contact you for, in which you can already include prices personalized for them.
Dropshipping is a business and logistics model in which sellers offer products from suppliers in their store, but the supplier is responsible for shipping the goods to the customer. In practice, the seller does not have physical goods.
The most important advantages from the supplier's perspective are:
  • gaining new sales markets,
  • the possibility of increasing turnover by handling more orders,
  • responsibility only for the shipment of goods - the store owner is responsible for all formalities and handling returns.
The disadvantages that we can come across:
  • more work - apart from wholesale orders, you also have to handle individual orders from customers of partner stores,
  • big competition - due to its numerous benefits, Dropshipping is becoming more and more popular, so the competition among suppliers operating in this model is also growing,
  • difficulties related to product personalisation - the seller offers your product in your form, so if you want to distinguish it from others, you need to create an offer with extended options for personalising products and a complete set of information about them.
Take care of every detail that can distinguish them from other suppliers. So prepare your own detailed and standardised descriptions free of spelling and factual errors. Make and edit your product photos. Ensure that the information on inventory, variants, and product categories and variants is correct.

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