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Frequently asked questions:
Droplo is the unique service on the market that gives you the opportunity to combine multiple sales channels with a ready and verified product base, and makes it easy to find reliable suppliers offering their products in Dropshipping or in the classic wholesale model. You gain the ability to upload more than 2.5 million ready-made products to your store. With Droplo Trends you will find out what products are selling best in a given period.
To start selling online without setting up your own store, all you need to do is connect Droplo with Allegro. The only limitation here is that you need to have a business account on Allegro.

However, if you decide to have your own store, check out Droplo's ready-made integrations with the largest e-commerce platforms (tab "Add integrations").
We do not do individual synchronizations, but you can write to us about it at - we do not exclude the implementation of integration with your sales channel in Droplo.
You don't have to own a registered company to use the platform, but you should consider setting one up if you want to work with suppliers. It is the suppliers who most often require company details (including tax ID number) when a retailer wants to start working with them. Contact the supplier and ask if they work with individuals.
After registering and logging into your retailer account, connect your sales channel to Droplo. Then check the product catalog and the list of available suppliers, and save the products you are interested in, then export them to the store or marketplace (your connected sales channel).
Yes, during the trial period you gain 7-day free access to all features of the Business plan, including the platform's full product offerings and all available Droplo suppliers.
At the end of the trial period, when none of the available subscription plans has been selected (payment card is not linked to Droplo), the account is automatically downgraded to a free Starter plan. This plan only allows the user to browse the main product catalog, but is unlimited and completely free.

When you change your plan to Starter, your products will not be removed from your sales channel. However, you will lose access to the store integration, the "My Products" list and the list of suppliers in Droplo. Products will therefore not continue to be synchronized. When you decide to re-activate one of the available plans after a period of time, all platform features will be unlocked and products will start synchronizing again.
Droplo prices are net wholesale prices. However, each supplier can individually give you an additional discount on their offer. Negotiating terms of cooperation can be much easier for you with the built-in communicator - Droplo Business Chat (available in the main menu after logging into the platform).
With Droplo, signing a contract with a supplier is just a few clicks away. When you send a request to a supplier to activate an offer, it is the same as a request to start cooperation with them and accept their business terms.

You will communicate with suppliers faster thanks to Droplo Business Chat (communicator is available in the left menu - conversation icon).
Yes, if you are in possession of a link to the XML/CSV with his offer. Use the "Add your own supplier" tab (available in the main menu of the retailer's panel) and import the products into your account.
You can do this using the "Add your own supplier" tab - a module designed to import into Droplo external URL links that direct to listings in XML or CSV format. You can find the tab in the main menu of the retailer panel.
No, the only cost in Droplo is the cost of the selected subscription plan. Any activated supplier, whether internal or external, has no additional charge.
The basic information about each product that the XML/CSV file must contain is: ID, name, price, currency, tax value, category, manufacturer and quantity. Additional, but also important, parameters are: images, description, manufacturer code, GTIN/EAN code, weight, delivery time, variants and parameters (e.g. dimensions).
Currently, Droplo automatically downloads orders coming from Allegro. Order import for other integrations is in preparation.

Orders can be sent to suppliers directly through the platform. Check out how to do this:
Products added through the "Add your own supplier" tab, will only be visible in your account. Keep in mind, however, that importing an offer will affect the product limit available within the selected subscription plan.
Product synchronization in Droplo is based on two lines:

- XML offerings -> Droplo - synchronization is done in real time if possible. This is because some of the offerings have a limitation in the number of server requests for data within a certain period of time.

- Droplo -> Sales channel - here also the synchronization is carried out in real time, reacting to changes on the offer side. The very first export of products to the sales channel transfers all product information (prices, stock levels, images, descriptions, parameters, EAN code, etc.). Further synchronizations of already published products include only inventory and prices.
The parameters you can automatically synchronize in Droplo include prices, an inventory. You can also set a condition for automatic price markup.
Yes, you can buy a plan with an annual subscription. This is a more affordable option. You can find the current subscriptions offer in the " Pricing" tab at the top of this page.
Only individual offers count towards the product limit, not the quantity of a given product listed as stock. For example, in the Business plan, you can list 1000 products with any inventory.

Note that if you import an external offer into Droplo ("Add your own supplier" tab), it also will affect the available product limit.
Currently, no, but we are planning to add a module to the platform that will enable invoicing and full sales processing (including orders).
At this moment, no. We only integrate with suppliers based on XML/CSV files.
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