Navigation menu

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The navigation menu looks like this after creating an account and logging in to the Droplo. Below you will find information and description for each tab.

Home page – here, you will find the details of your plan, the possibility of changing it, previewing the amount of used synchronization and sales, and the latest added suppliers.

Suppliers – here, you will find a list of all suppliers available in Droplo with their brief description, view customisation and filtering tools, and the ability to add your supplier.

Products – here, you will find a list of all products available in Droplo along with their parameters, tools for adjusting the view and filtering, and the ability to add products to the favourites list.

Orders – here, you will find orders from all stores and the ability to filter, export and send them to suppliers in a convenient format for you and them.

Settings – you will find the ability to manage price mark-ups, inventory, and automatic product selection here.

List of stores – you will find here all available sales channels (e.g. RedCart, Shopify, WooCommerce) integrated with Droplo and the possibility to install and uninstall them.

Integration and product bar – it allows you to keep track of the preview of the number of used and available integrations of suppliers and products.

Notifications – here, you will find information about currently performed synchronisations and other tasks, their progress bar, a list of all completed tasks, their statistics, and the option to generate a report.

User profile – here, you can log out or go to the “My profile” tab, where you can edit billing data, pay the balance, download VAT invoices, manage marketing consents or change the password.