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Dropshipping – is a business and logistics model in which the seller does not physically purchase the goods. He sells it online, but the supplier (wholesaler) takes care of the shipping and handling of the order.

FeedManager – a unique functionality of the Droplo application that allows you to add and integrate any external supplier, as long as they make their offer available for this need in an XML file.

Sales channel – software your store is based on, e.g. RedCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shoper, etc.

Price mark-up – the ratio of the profit on sales to the wholesale price of the product.

Inventory overhead – modification of product inventory levels determined by you. You can set it as a negative value (e.g., 100, when you want to keep this amount of products in stock) or positive (e.g. +100, when you know that your supplier will provide you with more goods if necessary).

XML file – a file that is created and made available by every wholesaler that gives the possibility of integrating its offer with the store. It contains recorded data on the entire range and individual product parameters.