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Automatic product export – The option is available when adding a supplier or in the store settings – use it if you want all the supplier’s products in Droplo or all products of the conditions groups you created to go to your sales channel automatically.

FeedManager – The unique functionality of the Droplo application, which allows any external supplier to be added and integrated, as long as they provide their offer in an XML file for this need.

Global overhead/mark-up – The mark-up that is applied to all products in total or from a given vendor/supplier, excluding groups of overhead conditions.

Price mark-up – The ratio of the profit on sales to the product’s wholesale price.

Inventory overhead– Modification of product inventory levels determined by you. You can set it as a negative value (e.g., 100, when you want to always keep this amount of products in stock) or positive (e.g. +100, when you know that your supplier will provide you with more goods if necessary).