Success based on proven data
How to choose the perfect product? When to sell it and at what price?
No more guessing what's selling! With Droplo Trends, you'll gain access to professional sales analysis and a unique list of thousands of products with top-performing on sales channels.
What is Droplo Trends?
It’s a new and groundbreaking feature of the Droplo platform, which we have developed especially for online sellers. It provides users with advanced analytics based on real sales results of top products in the e-commerce market.
Browse the list of products for the categories that are best sellers online. Choose the best one for your store.
Find out in what time periods the product is most popular and make plans on promoting it. Determine when it is best to display the product in the store.
Observe how product prices have evolved over a given time period and determine your own pricing strategy to keep up with the competition.
Explore detailed sales data
A well-created strategy will allow you to sell even more effectively. Don't guess on what to add to your sales channel. Base your decisions on Droplo Trends and be confident in your decision-making.
Monitor the analytics of trending products
You will receive information about the highest selling price, the total value of the order, the number of products sold and the profit on each item.
Why should you use Droplo Trends?
Competitive advantage
Many people stock up on season-related items up to a month in advance. Get ahead of the competition and select products based on previous years' analysis.
Each product with available sales data is marked with a Trends icon.
Simplicity of use
Droplo Trends can be used by anyone. Thanks to advanced AI technology, you will get ready descriptive analyses of seasonality, target groups and in which sales channel sales are assumed to be most effective.
Products tailored to you
Are you interested in a particular industry? Don't dig through the platform looking for products that interest you. Select the category of your choice and use the available filters to check only the products that match you.
A trusted knowledge source for retailers seeking reliable information
Make conscious decisions and trust proven analysis backed by years of experience from retailers like you. Achieve more in less time while keeping unnecessary expenses to a minimum.
See for yourself!
Try the Droplo platform and the Droplo Trends service today!
Compare offered products on other platforms
Are you tired of searching and checking products on your own?
Do you want to have access to other sales channels where your competitors are displaying products?
With Droplo Trends, you'll find the top offers on the biggest global platforms with a single click.
A global marketplace is an ideal place to check the average price of a particular product on the international market.
View other sellers' auctions and compare the markups applied to the products you want to offer.
See what product prices other retailers are offering on a global search engine for online store listings created by Google.
Check the popularity of the selected product in one of the largest marketplaces in the world.
Check the offers of other e-stores, thanks to a search engine created by a major browser.
Remember that all Droplo Trends products are offered by verified European suppliers at Droplo platform.
Sell what your customers are searching for!
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