Allegro marketplace: What to sell in Poland?
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Allegro marketplace: What to sell in Poland?

Author  Natalia Wiszewska

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Allegro is the most recognized and largest marketplace in Poland. According to data from Mediapanel Gemius Polska and Polish Internet Research, the platform has nearly 20 million users!

What do Poles buy on Allegro? We present the top products that enjoy the greatest popularity in the Polish online sphere.

How do I start selling on Allegro?

Selling on Allegro is simple. Both companies and individuals can offer their products. Just remember that online trading in Poland is possible without registering a business activity if the revenue each month does not exceed 75% of the minimum wage (3181,50 PLN ~797.92USD.

If you want to open your first auction, you need to be registered on Allegro and fully activate your account, which means completing your details and depositing 1.01 PLN for verification.

Allegro add new offer

To add an offer, you need to know the EAN (GTIN) number of the product

You can add a product either through the ‘Listing Form‘ or the ‘My Sales‘ tab in the top right corner of the platform. Sellers can choose automatic completion of basic data if the product is in the Allegro database or prepare offers independently.

Where to get products for sale in Poland?

Wondering where to source goods for Allegro? Since Droplo – a B2B marketplace for Suppliers and Sellers from across Europe – integrated with Allegro, sourcing products has become even easier. The tool provides access to millions of products from top wholesalers.

allegro polish marketplace

With just a few clicks, you can transfer your listing from Droplo to Allegro. Mass listing and auction management, data updates, automatic parameter completion are just a few of the integration benefits that save time for sellers and allow them to earn more!

Why do Poles buy products on Allegro?

Primarily, we are driven by convenience and a wide selection. Online shopping allows Poles access to thousands of products without leaving their homes. Additionally, Allegro offers attractive promotions and discounts, which serve as an extra incentive to shop online.

Another reason why Poles prefer online shopping on Allegro is the security of transactions. This platform provides solid buyer protection through Allegro Protect, giving a sense of confidence and trust.

Allegro Protect

Allegro Protect protects buyers from fraud

The Allegro mobile app enables us to quickly and conveniently browse listings and make purchases anytime, anywhere. This makes shopping even more accessible and easier to accomplish, contributing to the increasing popularity of this method of shopping.

what to sell online

Essential in the home and office: Why is a descaler a bestseller?

One of the most sought-after products on Allegro is a descaler. Increasing awareness of appliance maintenance prompts many people to purchase products that help remove limescale from coffee machines, kettles, or washing machines. Descalers are effective and easy to use, which is why it’s no surprise that Poles often choose them.

odkamieniacz google trends

The product is constantly in demand, so you can sell it all year round

Descalers available on the market differ not only in terms of capacity but also in chemical composition. Some of them are based on natural ingredients, making them more environmentally friendly.

Additionally, there are descalers that feature special formulas to prevent the re-deposition of limescale, thus contributing to prolonging the lifespan of household appliances.

On Droplo, you will find a variety of descalers, both in powder and liquid form, in different volumes.


A4 Paper – Office Must-Have

In the era of widespread use of printers and photocopiers, A4 office paper is one of the most essential products. Therefore, regardless of the industry we operate in, there will always be a place for this product in our shopping carts.

papier google trends

You can sell A4 paper all year round

A4 office paper is also an indispensable item in schools, universities, and other educational institutions. The high demand for this product stems from its daily use in printing educational materials, homework, and exams.

How much will you earn selling paper with Droplo?

Price on Droplo

In Droplo you can buy a piece of paper for 13.90 PLN. Selling 10 pieces on Allegro for 19.90 you will get up to 60 PLN!

What are Poles buying? Cosmetic cotton pads

In caring for the hygiene and skincare of the youngest, Poles often opt for cosmetic cotton pads for children. This product is widely available on Allegro in various variations and quantities.

płatki kosmetyczne allegro

Cosmetic flakes are convenient and practical to use, so they are very popular with parents. At Droplo you will find popular cosmetic cotton pads at a competitive price.

płatki kosmetyczne droplo

Cosmetic flakes for children are specially designed for the delicate skin of the youngest. Made of soft material, do not irritate the skin and are safe to use.

Płatki kosmetyczne allegro
When selling cotton pads, pay attention to the chart above – we much more frequently search for cosmetic cotton pads by typing the word ‘waciki’. Therefore, it’s worth including this word in your product name.

Essentials of a men’s wardrobe: Black socks

Socks are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. The most versatile and practical are black men’s socks, which blend perfectly with various outfits.

skarpetkiSimplicity, quality of workmanship and attractive prices attract Poles, who often choose Allegro as their place of shopping in this category.

skarpetki google trendsWell-chosen black socks can add elegance to even the most casual outfit, making a man present himself with class and taste.

Family Game Nights: Which board games are conquering Polish households?

Interesting themes, innovative mechanics, and the variety of games make it so that everyone can find something for themselves. Board games also have a positive impact on social and intellectual development, which is why they are highly popular among Polish consumers.

gry planszowe google trends

During the game, players learn cooperation, negotiation and strategic thinking.

The board game market in Poland is developing dynamically, but Poles still have a feeling for the old and reliable “Eurobusiness”. Board games become not only a form of entertainment, but also an ideal gift for Christmas.

Eurobiznes allegro

Manufacturers strive to meet the expectations of players by creating increasingly advanced and engaging games. As a result, board game enthusiasts can enjoy not only classics but also fresh and innovative proposals that capture the hearts of players worldwide.

Health and hot girl summer: bathroom scale on top

One of the most popular products in the Home & Garden category on Allegro is the bathroom scale. With more and more people focusing on their weight and physical condition, a bathroom scale is an essential piece of equipment.

waga łazienkowa allegro

On Allegro, you can find many different models of bathroom scales that offer various features, such as:

  • Body fat measurement
  • BMI indicator
  • Synchronization with a mobile app

When choosing a bathroom scale, customers pay attention not only to its features but also to the design. High-quality tempered glass, elegant finishes, and clear displays make the bathroom scale not only serve a measuring function but also serve as a stylish element of bathroom decor.

With the variety of available models available on Droplo, you will offer your customers scales tailored to their individual needs and aesthetic preferences.

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How much can I earn on Allegro?

Earnings on Allegro vary greatly among sellers. The top entrepreneurs can earn millions of złoty. However, there are also those who struggle to make any profit and quickly give up selling on the e-commerce platform.

Success depends on many factors including:

  • competitive prices,
  • offering desired and attractive products with low competition,
  • choosing the right software or sales management system,
  • well-thought-out marketing strategies.

High earnings are also dependent on the seller’s position among competitors, well-prepared product descriptions, and securing the best prices from wholesalers.

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