Is Amazon in Poland a thing of the past?
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Is Amazon in Poland a thing of the past?

Author  Natalia Wiszewska

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In recent years, there has been a noticeable decline in the popularity of Amazon in Poland. Why is it increasingly difficult for the owners of this American giant to maintain their presence in the Polish market? What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Would the future of e-commerce in Poland look different without Amazon? In this article, we will try to answer these and other questions.

Why is Amazon losing popularity?

One of the main factors is the rise of competition from Polish online platforms, such as Allegro. Instead of ordering products from overseas, Polish consumers are increasingly choosing to shop at domestic online stores that offer faster delivery. A similar situation applies to the popular Polish bookstore Empik, which is gaining increasing popularity among customers in Poland.

The dynamic growth of Allegro contributes to the increased competition in the market. This platform introduces innovative solutions, such as a loyalty program and cashback, which attract customers and encourage more frequent purchases.

Another reason for the decline in Amazon’s popularity in Poland is logistical problems and frequent delivery delays. Unfortunately, many consumers have experienced delayed shipments and untimely delivery of packages. Such issues negatively impact Amazon’s image and make it less attractive in the eyes of Polish customers.

Amazon on the platform scored barely 2 stars out of 5

Rising expectations for reliability in service and delivery present increasing challenges not only for Amazon. Online stores must invest in improving warehouse processes to meet customer expectations. Despite its global reputation, Amazon must adapt its operations to the specifics of the Polish market to compete with local players.

A significant factor is that the prices of products offered by Amazon in Poland are often higher than those available in Polish stores. Polish consumers are increasingly price-conscious and look for better deals in the domestic market. Higher prices offered by Amazon often result in customers abandoning purchases on this platform in favor of cheaper alternatives.

produkty allegro vs amazon
Products on Amazon are more expensive than those on Allegro

What are the possible scenarios for Amazon in Poland?

Although Amazon’s withdrawal from the Polish market is unlikely, such a scenario cannot be entirely ruled out. Despite facing difficulties, the company has a solid financial foundation and the trust of international investors.

Even though Amazon is one of the biggest players in the global e-commerce market, the Polish market may pose a challenge due to the specific preferences of consumers and competition from local shopping platforms.

Another possible scenario is a change in strategy and adaptation to local realities. Such actions could include:

  • Better pricing strategy,
  • Increased cooperation with Polish sellers,
  • Tailoring offers to the preferences and expectations of Polish customers.

Amazon could focus on promoting local products at good prices and supporting Polish businesses, which could help rebuild Polish customers’ trust in the platform.

Cooperation with local sellers would improve the company’s image as a partner supporting the development of the local economy. These actions could also contribute to increasing the engagement of local sellers in the Amazon platform, which could bring long-term benefits for both the company and the Polish retail sector.

What lies ahead for Polish e-commerce?

Regardless of what happens with Amazon in Poland, the future of e-commerce in our country seems promising. Online platforms are gaining increasing popularity and earning the trust of Polish customers. The dominance of Polish players in the e-commerce market could result in further growth of domestic online stores.

An important trend in the Polish e-commerce market is the development of local online shops. Customers are increasingly looking for unique products that are not available on major shopping platforms.

For this reason, small online stores are gaining popularity and succeeding in the domestic market. For many Polish consumers, shopping at such stores is more attractive because it combines the convenience of e-commerce with the opportunity to support local entrepreneurs.

specjalistyczny marketplace

A final trend that can be observed in the Polish e-commerce market is the rise of specialist stores. A perfect example is the marketplace, which focuses on selling electronic equipment.

Customers are keen to use such platforms because they offer a wide selection of products in a specific category and guarantee high quality and reliability. Specialist marketplaces can provide an interesting alternative to traditional e-commerce platforms and contribute to the further development of the e-commerce sector in Poland.

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