Dropshipping for teenagers: How to sell online in Poland?
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Dropshipping for teenagers: How to sell online in Poland?

Author  Natalia Wiszewska

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In today’s fast-paced world, where technology is advancing rapidly and access to the internet is widespread, many teenagers are wondering how to open a dropshipping store when they are under 18.

Dropshipping, a method of online selling, involves running a store without physically owning the inventory. But is legal adulthood necessary to embark on this journey?

The challenges at the beginning of a young entrepreneur’s journey

One of the main challenges awaiting a young entrepreneur wanting to try their hand at dropshipping is the requirement of legal adulthood by popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or PayPal.

Shopify will ask you for identification to verify your identity. If you provide your personal information and are underage, your account will simply be closed. This contradicts their terms of service.


Then you will no longer be able to make sales or receive payments — your PayPal account will be immediately blocked, and the online store will be lost.

So what can you do to earn money through online sales?

Option 1: Run an online store with a parent

One solution for teenagers dreaming of running a dropshipping store is to collaborate with a parent. You can ask your guardian to create an account on an e-commerce platform. This way, the parent agrees to take on the role of the legal owner of the store, while you become an informal partner responsible for selecting inventory, marketing, and customer service.

This form of collaboration is an excellent opportunity to learn about business and gain valuable professional experience. By running a store with a parent, you will learn the ins and outs of e-commerce, understand logistics processes, and develop marketing skills.


open online store

Option 2: „Umowa-zlecenie” contract at a store with commission for sales

Another way is to sign a contract for specific task, which enables minors to earn money by running an online store. By signing such a contract with another entrepreneur who agrees to collaborate, you can conduct commercial activities on their behalf online and receive compensation for the sales made.

This form of collaboration allows you to utilize the resources of an existing store, which can significantly simplify your entry into dropshipping. Additionally, a contract for specific task can be particularly useful if you lack family support in running your own business, providing you with financial independence and autonomy

Option 3: Wait until you turn 18

However, it’s worth waiting until you turn 18. Although it may be challenging, especially when you feel a burning desire to start your own business, waiting can be a strategic move.

By reaching the age of majority, you’ll be able to legally operate your business without encountering any potential issues related to being a minor.

Furthermore, in the meantime, you can focus on acquiring knowledge and skills related to business management, thus better preparing yourself for embarking on your dropshipping journey in the future


Where to find products for online selling?

Choosing the right products to sell is crucial in dropshipping. A teenager can search for suppliers on platforms like Droplo.

It’s a B2B marketplace where online store owners discover products for their businesses and establish partnerships with suppliers. A young entrepreneur can utilize this platform to find suppliers and get in touch with them for information and negotiation of terms – provided they are operating within a business framework.


Droplo Trends narzędzie analityczne

Moreover, on Droplo Trends, you’ll find information about product trends and recommendations, which can be incredibly helpful in making purchasing decisions.

Dropshipping with Droplo eliminates the need for owning your own warehouse and bearing the costs associated with maintaining a large inventory. This makes dropshipping an increasingly popular form of business in the e-commerce era.

To sum it all up,

Despite certain limitations associated with being underage, the opportunities to earn through dropshipping are not completely closed off to teenagers. Collaborating with a parent or signing a contract for specific task are intriguing options for young entrepreneurs who dream of running their own online store.

The challenge lies ahead of you, young entrepreneur – it’s time to explore possibilities, develop skills, and achieve success in business


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