Introduction To Droplo. What Is It All About?
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Introduction To Droplo. What Is It All About?

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Are you trying your hands at e-commerce dropshipping?

Yet to find the perfect e-commerce software for your business idea?

Struggling to meet suppliers who understand your vision and can deliver?

You’re at the right spot.

Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we at Droplo have a team of professionals and a suite of services to help you learn all you can about building an ecommerce business while connecting with suppliers who can deliver great products to your customers.

Leaving you with time to boost your marketing efforts, establish customer relationships and grow your management team. We’ll examine the many features that come with Droplo, deal with common challenges our users encounter and help you set up your account so you can start running your business.

Ecommerce sales are projected to hit $6.5 trillion dollars by 2023, let Droplo help you get a slice of that cake.

What is Droplo?

Droplo is an ecommerce platform where online sellers connect with wholesalers, manufacturers and other suppliers of goods to stock their stores and make sales. By store owners building business relationships with suppliers, there are opportunities for store visibility, stronger supply chain ecosystem and better customer relationship management practices.

Faster delivery of an increasing category of products leads to better quality service — a significant competitive advantage for store owners involved.

A team of engineers and ecommerce enthusiasts, working in the industry for over a decade, have used software to create an environment where sellers and suppliers can have optimal business relationships that work for everyone involved.

How Does Droplo Work?

Droplo consists of a suite of services built to make the ecommerce process easy for online retail sellers. As a dropshipper, there are numerous products in different categories to choose from. There’s the House and Garden, Business, Electronics, Automotive, Health and Beauty products to select products.

There’s even an option to source your goods from supermarkets with product markups between 10 – 20%. With a free 30 day trial, you can use Droplo to check out a wide range of products in many categories.

4 service packages are offered free for about a month before you commit financially to any package. First and least of them is the Start package, then Small, followed by Medium and Big.

I. Start Package comes with just 10 products, one supplier and a sales channel to choose from. On the bright side, there’s the Droplo express for your store, freedom to add markups to products with the overhead rule, export any product available to you and integrate your own  suppliers using the Droplo Importer wizard. Life sync keeps you abreast of live prices and inventory of your suppliers — refreshes nearly half a thousand times a day.

II. Small Package comes with a whopping 10,000 products to choose from. You get to add your own suppliers using Droplo Importer wizard, export any of the 10,000 products available to you with the ability to add markups as you wish. You still have one sales channel and 3 suppliers available to you. And of course, you stay informed on the constant flux of inventory and prices of suppliers.

III. Medium Package gives you integration options with the auction-based marketplace Allegro. An easy to assemble store via Droplo express and the ability to integrate your own suppliers via Droplo Importer wizard. The range of products here dwarf the small package service at 50,000 and you’re allowed access to 10 suppliers. You can add products to your store from the tens of thousands of products available to you while having 3 sales channels. And of course, you get to keep tabs on the numbers on price and inventory of suppliers you want to work with.

IV. Big Package presents the premium end of Droplo’s suite of service packages. Suppliers at this stage alone, are 5 times that of the medium package. 50 suppliers with a quarter of a million products, 5 sales channels, and an option to integrate any other suppliers using Droplo Importer sets you up as a store owner to take advantage of  the demand and supply swings characteristic of the retail market. And regardless of what product you choose from the 250,000 products available to you, you can add markups, open a simple Droplo store via Droplo express, keep tabs on supplier inventory and price and sell products on Allegro.

And for every one of these 4 packages, you can get a 30 day free trial. I’ll try the big package if I were you.

Benefits Of Using Droplo

When speaking to our customers, we keep hearing about the benefits from using the platform’s service packages but also from being in and around the platform without spending a dime. We’ll look at all these benefits below.

I. As an ecommerce store owner, Droplo goes above and beyond supplier services to give you up-to-date, actionable content through our ecommerce academy. There are videos, blogs and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you through your online entrepreneurial journey. It’s a great way to get your feet wet as a beginner, before you commit ecommerce or even using our software services.

II. And of course, there’s the main service Droplo offers estore sellers and that’s access to suppliers. By making the backend activities of keeping your store stocked, you can focus on the promotional side running your business. And as you grow the operational as managerial aspects of growing your store.

Challenges To Overcome

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of our software users navigate our product. There have been common challenges software users have encountered in the course of growing their stores and using our products and we’ll look at some of them.

I. One question we usually get asked is the duration of the start package since it’s a free service already. Yes it remains a free service package although we advice you’ll get other packages that offer you more opportunities to source great products for your store.

II. Another question we get asked is the flexibility around Droplo’s subscription payments. And we can confirm that there are monthly payments. You can unsubscribe at any month you choose.

III. Others often wonder if they can add vendors of their choice. And the answer is yes. You have options to integrate any supplier you choose using the built-in Droplo Importer application.

How To Sell On Droplo?

Let’s take dropshipping as an example here.

1) Sign-up with a service package of your choice. We advise you to go with the medium or big packages as they present more opportunities to succeed at your ecommerce endeavour because of the advanced features they offer.

2) Then find products through the many product categories listed in the dropshipping section. Choose a supplier from those available to you on the platform or integrate your supplier of choice via Droplo Importer.

3) Add your own markups to your products you’ve chosen and export said products to your store either built through Droplo express or any of the e-commerce software services we can integrate with e.g. Spotify and Woocommerce. Aim for a 20 – 40% price markup to give you wriggle room when you embark on promotional campaigns of these products.

4) Start marketing your products. Here are some marketing tips to keep in mind when running campaigns. One is added an honest review, affiliate and testimonial system for the products you sell. People are convinced by people not a store or corporation. Another is a mixed approach to digital marketing. Paid and organic work hand-in-hand to create a sustainable customer acquisition process. Email is where most of your important sales conversations would take place.

Wrapping Up

Droplo is a great platform for store owners looking to find a consistent stream of great products from amazing suppliers. There are a number of services to help the online entrepreneur satisfy their customers.

You can integrate your ecommerce store to Droplo or build it on the platform. Then have your backend processes of stocking your store automated. Which leaves you with more time and energy to focus on bringing in new customers.

Some of these marketplaces and ecommerce stores include Woocommerce, Shoper, Prestashop, Redcart, Shopify, Allegro and Baselinker. Then there’s support to help you as you navigate Droplo’s software platform to find products to sell, establish relationships with suppliers and grow your business.

Its ecommerce academy is a great resource of educational content in video and blog forms geared to supplement your ecommerce experience — saving you time, energy and money in the process.

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