Droplo Glossary

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API - mechanisms that enable two software components to communicate with each other using a set of definitions and protocols. They work as the middle man, allowing developers to build new programmatic interactions between the various applications people and businesses use on a daily basis. 

Auto-orderautomatic synchronisation of the prices and products quantity. 

Droplo Importer - a unique functionality of the Droplo application that allows you to add and integrate any external supplier, as long as they make their offer available for this need in an XML file. 

Dropshipping – Dropshipping is one of the ecommerce business models. You are allow to sell online without owning a stock of products.  If you have your own online shop or the seller account on one of the marketplaces, you are good to go.  

E-commerce (electronic commerce) – trading of goods and services on the internet. 

E-commerce platform - software that allows you to manage an online store. 

GTIN/EAN code The EAN Code is a type of barcode that encodes an article number. Since 2009 EAN codes have been used to encode GTINs – Global Trade Item Numbers. 

Integration – is the act of binding together smaller components or information stored in different subsystems into a whole functioning unit.  

For businesses, the term integration often refers to software or system integration, which means bringing together multiple business systems to operate as a collaborative unit. 

Marketplace platform– a website that facilitates the exchange of goods between buyers and sellers (e.g. Ebay, Amazon, Allegro). 

Price mark-up shows how much more a company’s selling price is than the amount the item costs the company. For example a 50 percent markup means you are charging a price that’s 50% higher than the cost of the product. 

Sales channel  – usually understood as a path that a business takes to reach its end customers in order to sell them a product or service, either directly or indirectly.  

In terms of Droplo, by sales channel we understand a store which is based on one of e-commerce platforms that we support. 

Token/URL address– identification code for each shop on every marketplace, also called an API or WEB API. 

XML file – a link or file that contains markup language (similar to HTML which is used to format websites), describing recorded data on the whole offer and individual product parameters. 

If the wholesaler has a possibility to integrate his offer with the store, then he will share the XML file. 

IMPORTANT: Each XML can be designed slightly different. That’s why some of them can’t upload successfully, because they need to be activated by supplier only after registering on their platform.

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