Introducing Droplo

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Welcome on !  

Are you eager to know what is Droplo? You’re in the right place 😊  

We are an B2B integrating platform designed especially for the cooperation between online shops (retailers) and suppliers (wholesalers, producers, hand-made crafters and more). The idea of the platform appeared in response to the needs of growing e-commerce market with thousands of entrepreneurs searching for help in expanding the product range and scale their businesses. Droplo is a team project with many years of experience in e-commerce. 

  • If you already run an online shop, Droplo will help you grow in an optimized way. Our application offers access to hundreds of prechecked suppliers and millions of products. With a few clicks you can export thousands of products into your online store! 
  • It’s also a great idea for everybody, who has just started online selling, and wants to cut the time wasted on customizing and updating each offer/product manually. Droplo provides online synchronization of all data and automation of sales processes.  
  • Are you a supplier? By joining Droplo you gain free access to the next sales market and a ready customer base that will allow you to increase your company’s turnover. 

However, our goal is to support the Dropshipping model. Droplo opens new doors to development without the need to involve considerable human or financial resources. With our platform you can expand your assortment without investing in goods and warehouses.  

What makes us unique as a service? It’s the feedback we receive from you. We want to be a part of your success, by adjusting to your needs , and translating them into easy-to-use functionalities, which will save your time and help to grow your business.

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