Shoper Integration

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Do you want to connect your Shoper store with Droplo? You’re in the right place. Follow this guide to successfully integrate Droplo and its supplier base into your sales channel.

At first, go to the My integrations tab and click Connect in the Shoper field.

A new window will appear asking you to enter the name of the sells channel. From now on, this integration will be named in Droplo according to your request.

Enter the name in the blank field and click on Save button.

Then you will be taken to the connection settings window. To pass this step, you need to get authorization data from the PrestaShop admin panel: API key and an URL address to your shop.

Note: The URL field of your store requires you to paste the domain address (URL) that displays in the address field of your browser when you log into the Shoper admin panel.

Important: paste only the part of the address without “www”, for example: ““.
Fill in the blanks using your store’s domain address and your login and password. Then click on Connect button.

The connection with Shoper will be established in a few seconds.

You now have access to the Shoper Exporter by Droplo. This tool gives you the ability to manage your Shoper store integration.

You can easily configure various integration parameters in the exporter, such as:

  • Global mark-up – set the percent or amount margin on exported products;
  • Currency – choose the currency of your sales channel;
  • Synchronization – turn on/off automatic synchronization of prices and inventories;
  • Export language – choose in which language should the products be exported
  • Set tax – you can choose how the prices should be calculated regarding taxes

When the configuration on this page is complete, use the Save button.

If you’ve already created categories in your Shoper dashboard, you’ll need to map those categories with Droplo before exporting products to the sales channel.

Important! Category mapping will only be available if at least 1 product from any supplier is saved in your list.

Once you’ve saved product(s), go to the Category Mapping tab and assign Droplo categories to the most related versions of categories from your store.

When you finish assigning each category in the list, click on Save button.

After saving your category mapping settings, you can go to the My Products tab and export the selected products to Prestashop via the More Actions -> Add to sales channels function.

A new window will appear where you can choose which integration you want to upload products to. If the integration has encountered errors, e.g. with the connection, a message will appear at the top of the window.

In this case, check again that the configuration has been done correctly on the Droplo side as well as on the Shoper side.

Note: If you want to remove products from Shoper, don’t do it on the side of your sales channel. Remember to always manage your products from within Droplo.

This is because Droplo is the source for updating products in your store. Operating on products outside of Droplo may cause synchronization issues.

However, if you don’t want prices or inventory to be updated automatically on the store side, change the synchronization settings for your Shoper integration in Droplo.

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